Minor Scales
D-MINOR SCALE (one flat), the relative minor of F Major.
The relative minor of a key is the scale that starts on the sixth degree of the major scale of the key signature. This unaltered spelling is called NATURAL MINOR.

The first five scale degrees vary from the major scale only in that the third is minor.

Notice I've left movable do in F-Major. This scale, like many
modes, tunes like the Major scale but has a different tonic.
You can move do anywhere you want to help you tune.

All minor scales have the same intervals in the first five scale degrees. The HARMONIC MINOR scale has a raised seventh degree to accommodate the major dominant chord.

The MELODIC MINOR scale reflects the common practice of using different notes going up the scale than down. Melodic minor is the same as the Major scale going up from the fifth degree to tonic. Coming down it is the same as natural minor.

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