Triad Inversions
When the root of a chord is not the bass note,
the chord is said to be inverted.
Here are triads in ROOT POSITION. The letter name of the chord
is the bass note.

Triads in FIRST INVERSION have the third in the bass. Inverted chords often include the bass note as a denominator after the chord name: C/E , Em/G , Bbm/Db , D/F#

The SECOND INVERSION has the fifth in the bass. These patterns are important to recognize for players of all instruments.

The term 3rd inversion is used rarely but would apply to the first two chords here.

The third chord might be a C9 in 4th inversion but also might be a D11. C/D allows for both.

Is that really a C13 with the 13th in the bass? No, it's just an Am7 in ROOT POSITION!

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