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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda
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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

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Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Zelda Leah Gatuskin is the pen/professional name for artist, author, designer and activist Zelda L. Gordon.

Zelda was born in Wilmington, Delaware; she attended Emerson College in Boston, graduating in 1979 with a degree in Visual Communication. In 1983 she and Frank moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in 1988 she established Studio Z.

Zelda began creating collages with scissors and glue long before the age of digital art. Her works defy the usual expectations about "collage" as a clunky, bumpy, abstract affair. There are many times when even the original works are mistaken for photographs. "The Dream Library" for instance often provokes the question: "Where is that place?" Those places are all in Zelda's head! Start at the Art Page to explore her crafts and collages.

Zelda's first book, The Time Dancer, was published in 1991. It was the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between Studio Z and Amador Publishers. Zelda, now editor-in-chief of the press, has become an award-winning author and editor. Books by Zelda

Zelda attributes her success and a writer and publisher to her visual arts and communication training. In addition to applying these skills to book design, Zelda developed Studio Z's Web Site Services to create beautiful, customized sites for artists, authors and small businesses.

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Zelda has also been known to dip a toe into social activism from time to time. No-Cards Shoppers is a consumer web site she has maintained since 1997. She has served as president of the Humanist Society of New Mexico (2010-2014) and co-chair of the American Humanist Association Feminist Caucus (2012-2014). Zelda's Essays Archive

What's In A Name?
Zelda Leah Gatuskin is the pseudonym for Zelda L. Gordon. Zelda's paternal great-grandfather came to this country from Vitebsk, Russia as Bereh Gatuskin. Around 1915 he received his citizenship and with it a new name - Barnet Gordon - because the presiding judge was of the opinion that "Americans" should have "American" names. The name Gatuskin was about to vanish into history until Zelda reclaimed it for her pen name upon publication of her first book. She has been trying to grow into it since.