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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

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December 2022: Still Home Together
Here we are still laying low, keeping up to date on our vaccines, and masking up in public. We have both managed trips back east to see family. Frank is teaching a few students and working with a small group in his studio. There have been some alerts, but our household has stayed covid-free so far. Zelda is still operating Amador Publishers, LLC and maintaining a few websites (this one always the last to get attention, naturally), with collage and craft projects happily consuming a bigger share of her attention.

April 2020: Zelda's Trilogy Comes Full Circle
book by Zelda book by Zelda The Time Dancer 2nd Printing
What if there was a world of Magic just the other side of our dreams? When George Drumm falls in love with the Gypsy Esmarelda, he must learn the secrets of the Spiral Map of Time, or lose her to the future. But the Gypsy is on her own quest. The two leapfrog across the Spiral in search of lost cats, missing satchels and each other, and in the process share glimpses of their magical universe with residents of the dusty town of Caliente.

book by Zelda The Two Magicians, sequel to TheTime Dancer, has reached us at last...
On this side of the Spiral Map of Time it has taken 26 years for the story of Esmarelda and George Drumm to resume. How long has it taken on the magical other side? Hard to say, and The Two Magicians only adds to the mystery of The Time Dancer's origins. Weaving throughout, our narrator attempts to solve the mystery of that "purple-bound wonder" and discover the identity of the author behind "that preposterous nom de plume." Reviews from across the Spiral.

book by Zelda The Ten Years completes the Spiral Map of Time Trilogy
"...because once there is a Two, there must be a Three. Obviously." The Two Magicians ploy worked! The mysterious author of The Time Dancer has come forward with the final episode in the series. How will Time settle up with the magical dancer Esmarelda and her intrepid lover George Drumm?

And Another Ten Years... since Zelda took over Amador Publishers
Here are two books by other authors which I recently re-issued.

book by Gilbert John book by Gene Bell-Villada
Unbroken Spirit, My Life Before and After Quadriplegia by Gilbert John
The Carlos Chadwick Mystery, A Novel of College Life and Political Terror by Gene H. Bell-Villada

It is so fitting that these are the two projects that mark my anniversary of taking the helm at Amador. Entirely separately from each other, these two authors have kept me going through a tough period for our press and the industry in general. Their friendship and faith in me, and the significance of their work which I have the privilege of keeping in print, has kept me on track and helps make my efforts rewarding.