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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda
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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

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Zelda L. Gordon and Frank G. Johnson.
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 STUDIO Z multi-media arts
Zelda L. Gordon / Frank G. Johnson / dba Studio Z
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 505-344-6102  e-mail Frank   e-mail Zelda


Books by Zelda
book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda book by Zelda
FALLING IS EASY: a novella in 2 parts & 3 poems, (Worldwind Books 2024), author
THE TEN YEARS: Double or Nothing, (Amador Publishers 2020), author
IF I COULD CONVINCE YOU OF ONLY ONE THING: Essays, (Amador Publishers 2018), author
THE TWO MAGICIANS: From Nowhere To Forever, (Amador Publishers 2017), author
DIGITAL FACE, stories, (Amador Publishers 2016; NM-AZ Book Award Winner), author
WHERE THE SKY USED TO BE, a novel, (Amador Publishers, 2011; NM-AZ Book Award finalist) author
BUT WHO'S COUNTING?, poetry (Worldwind Books, 2010; New Mexico Book Award winner), author
TIME AND TEMPERATURE, thoughts about consciousness (StudioZ/Amador Publishers 2003, 2nd Ed. 2009, Amador), author and illustrator
CASTLE LARK AND THE TALE THAT STOPPED TIME, (Amador Publishers 2001), author
ANCESTRAL NOTES, A FAMILY DREAM JOURNAL, (Amador Publishers 1994), author and illustrator
THE TIME DANCER, A NOVEL OF GYPSY MAGIC, (Amador Publishers, 1991), author
ZELDA'S COSMIC COLORING BOOK, (Amador Publishers, 1996), author and illustrator

Books Edited by Zelda
These titles are linked to the publishers' web pages.
book by Gilbert John book by Van Dorn Hooker III book by Harry Willson book by Prof Donald Gutierrez Ebook cover for Amerika America ed by Zelda 2nd Edition ed by Zelda anthology for Christmas
UNBROKEN SPIRIT, My Life Before and After Quadriplegia by Gilbert John (re-issued as e-book by Amador Publishers, 2019), publisher and friend THE WIND WAITS FOR ME, The Art and Poetry of Van Dorn Hooker, III (Sunstone Press, 2014), designer, editor
FROM FEAR TO LOVE, My Journey Beyond Christianity by Harry Willson (Amador Publishers, 2012; NM-AZ Book Award Winner), editor
FEELING THE UNTHINKABLE, Essays on Social Justice by Donald Gutierrez (Amador Publishers, 2012; NM-AZ Book Award Winner), editor
AMERIKA? AMERICA! From Immigration to Espionage, by Eva and Manfred Krutein Amador Publishers, 1997); editor, Introduction author
EVA'S WAR, A True Story of Survival by Eva Krutein (2nd Edition, Amador Publishers, 2007), editor for supplemental material including 8-page photo section
CHRISTMAS BLUES, BEHIND THE HOLIDAY MASK: AN ANTHOLOGY, (Amador Publishers, 1995), co-editor with Michelle Miller and Harry Willson, and cover artist