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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda
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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

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Alphabetical List of Art Images on this Site

A Desert of One's Own - original collage
A Desert of One's Own - flier
And I'm Flying
Art on Vacation #1- Colosseum at Grand Canyon
Art on Vacation #2 - Tour of the Islands
Art on Vacation #3 - The beaches are fantastic!
Art on Vacation #4 - Andy & Cleo
Art on Vacation #5 - San Francisco
Art on Vacation #6 - The Drinker
Art on Vacation #7 - Everywhere we go we are invited into people's homes
Art on Vacation #8 - NYC is so exciting!
Art on Vacation #9 - Incognito
City Officials Pose for Photos in the Blues Garden
Coral Reef Series
Cute As A Button
Death Is a Wall  from Ancestral Notes
Extreme Extreme Makeover
Finding a Power Animal
From One End of Time to the Other  from Ancestral Notes
Goddesses at Play
Grey No.1
Hair  from Ancestral Notes
I'm Beginning To See Myself
In My Dreams I am Often Lost and Sometimes Sought
Play on Shapes
Postcards From Russia
Recurring Dream (with cats)
Red No.1
Red No.2
Sacred Space  from Ancestral Notes
Seeking Open Water
Stepping Out
Taking the Sword  from Ancestral Notes
The Art of Conversation
Theater of the Mind
The Black Sea  from Ancestral Notes
The Dream Library  from Ancestral Notes
The Duplex Complex
The Enchanted Loom
The Ice Queen
The Red Weekend
The Sea is Held Captive by the Moon
The Tree  from Ancestral Notes
Tiger, Tiger  from Time and Temperature
To Dream...  from Time and Temperature
Two Painters Meet in a Rural Setting
Vandling un Handling  from Ancestral Notes
Wallpaper Flowers
Water Permeates My Dreams
Wearing Out the Species #1 - Big Cats
Wearing Out the Species #2 - Puppies
Wearing Out the Species #3 - Irish Setter
Wearing Out the Species #4 - Bunny
Wearing Out the Species #5 - Zebras
Wearing Out the Species #6 - Wolves
What The Universe Is Made Of
When Horses Dream   with poem "If Horses Dream"
Where We're Coming From