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In-house art lessons are not being offered at this time.
Please Contact Zelda if you would like to arrange for classes or workshops on your premises.

PAPER CRAFTS   We will make beads, boxes, wallets and folders from recycled papers and other readily available materials. This course will introduce students to some basic drafting tools and techniques, and employ simple measuring and math skills - but it's so creative and fun they may not even notice.

Paper Boxes & Beads Paper Beads Paper Wallets
These boxes, beads, and wallets are made from wallpaper samples, wrapping paper, and magazine and catalogue pages. Beautiful, functional, and all out of recycled materials!
POP-UP CARDS & COLLAGE  Here's another way to recycle magazines, catalogues and calendars. Pop-up cards employ the same paper-craft skills featured in the previous lesson. From cutting out individual images for the pop-ups, students will move to blending images into collages - honing scissors skills and learning design concepts along the way. View an Animated Collage Demonstration  More Collage Workshops

DRAWING & PRINTMAKING  After working with pre-printed patterns and images, students will be ready to make some of their own. Lessons in copying pictures and drawing from life will emphasize the importance of visual observation. Printmaking sessions will introduce students to a variety of artists' materials and techniques.

Papermaking Projects Handmade Paper Marbelized Paper - detail
Marbelized Paper
Examples of papers made using a simple "tin can" technique, and full sheets from my mold and deckle.The process of making oil-on-water prints is also known as marbelizing.
PAPERMAKING  Recycling reaches a new level when we take the paper scraps from previous lessons and turn them into lovely art papers. We'll start with a simplified process (using coffee cans) that can be easily duplicated at home, and progress to creating full sheets of paper with my 14"x14" mold and deckle. A delightful group activity with emphasis on preparation, process and teamwork.

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