collage art by Zelda Gatuskin: How To Make a Collage
© Zelda Gatuskin, 2005

This animated demonstration is an extension of Zelda's "How To Make a Collage" exhibit of 2003.

The Animated Couch Potato
by Zelda Gatuskin

The collage is constructed from actual magazine pictures which have been cut out and trimmed with scissors or blade. Proportion is an important factor in selecting the images. The background here was a full-page print of a curtained window with knick-knacks on the windowsill. Strategic placement of the smaller picture of man on couch creates the illusion of a room. A dotted yellow line shows where I cut a slit in the picture where man meets couch. The cut-out potato is then inserted so that it hides the man and is overlapped by parts of the couch; this makes the potato look like it is sinking into the couch instead of floating over top. A pillow is cut out and placed in the same manner; the figure of the man is now completely hidden. The pair of sneakers adds depth to the foreground. Finally, the cat finds its place on the back of the couch, where it seems to be looking out the window, adding still more dimension to the collage.

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