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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

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Content Development
We understand that the hardest part of getting a web site started may be pulling the content together. We help you do that as part of our design process. We can digitize print materials, take photographs, and/or create new original artwork for your site. We can also provide these services to assist you in building your own site using Wordpress or other template programs. And Zelda is also available to proofread, edit, and even ghostwrite your website text. Studio Z also provides a variety of related support services to our website clients, such as adapting site content to print materials, forwarding press photos, and assisting with on-line applications and e-stores. We're here to help; ask for an hourly fee estimate.

Please browse our Portfolio to get a feel for the quality and variety of the web sites we design. Zelda works with every client to assess their immediate needs and long-term goals for their web site and provides a customized proposal for services. She advises on content and assists the client in assembling the artwork, text and photos for the web. Where additional expertise is needed, she enlists and manages subconsulting services from her team of associates.

Studio Z offers domain name registration as a convenience to our web site design clients. We do not provide domain name administration for sites we do not design/maintain. We will research available domain names, advise you on domain name selection, and register the domain for your use. We will provide you with an e-mail identity — — either an on-line mailbox or an alias that forwards to your existing e-mail account.

Studio Z offers hosting services as a convenience to our website design clients. We do not provide hosting for sites we do not design/maintain. Our hosting fees are based on the size and complexity of your web site ["Informational" rate for smaller sites/mostly text; "Gallery" rate for sites with many pages/images], and whether you will use your own unique domain name, or place your site within one of our domains. Hosting fees are due in advance of the hosting period, which is a minimum of six months; a discount is offered for full-year payment.

Studio Z maintains the following domain name and hosting platform for the convenience of our clients:
Clients who do not wish to register a unique domain name may place their site within one of ours; their url (web address) will look like this:

By hosting our clients' sites, we are able to provide an added level of service: We monitor the traffic to your site and report to you quarterly. We can customize forms and other interactive features.

Ongoing maintenance is included in all of our design services, whether or not we are hosting the sites. When you entrust your website to Studio Z, we are committed to making it work for you. We encourage you to keep on-line schedules and announcements up to date, and will make occasional text changes you send us by e-mail at no charge, usually within a day or two of receiving your instructions. More extensive updates or frequently recurring updates are billed on an hourly basis.

We can also take charge of existing websites. Send us a link to your website and let us know what is needed (small updates, new pages, or complete overhaul) and we'll be in touch to discuss the project and provide a proposal.