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In-house art lessons are not being offered at this time.
Please Contact Zelda if you would like to arrange for classes or workshops on your premises.

GETTING STARTED WITH MAGAZINE PICTURES    3-hour morning or afternoon session. Learn to create collages with magazine cut-outs: gather images based on a theme or concept; trim, layer and explore different arrangements for the collage; tack down elements temporarily; learn about adhesives and watch a demonstration of my precision spray glue technique.

HOW DO YOU GLUE?   A follow-up to Getting Started with Magazine Pictures. 3-hour morning or afternoon session will begin with hands-on practice with spray glues, and also cover the use of wet glues and other techniques for bonding papers and lightweight materials. Students are encouraged to prepare some magazine cut-outs in advance.

WET MEDIA COLLAGE   Recycle a wide variety of materials into expressive, textured works of art. This workshop combines instruction in visual design principles with hands-on exploration of traditional and nontraditional art media. 3-hour morning or afternoon session. Students are encouraged to bring some household discards (for example: paper and fabric scraps, packing material, bottle caps) to experiment with.

collage art by Zelda Gatuskin: Finding a Power Animal
Finding a Power Animal: an example of "precision cutting and pasting"
collage art by Zelda Gatuskin: The Red Weekend
The Red Weekend: an example of "wet" techniques; in addition to magazine cut-outs, materials include corks, coffee grounds, nutshells, and plastic bags
Collage Workshop at SBCC
Students experiment with materials at a multi-generational workshop at the South Broadway Cultural Center.
COLLAGE DEMO (not hands-on)   3-hour morning or afternoon session during which I give some background on collage, show different kinds of collages, discuss the materials used, and demonstrate essential cutting and pasting techniques.

COLLAGE CLINIC FOR ARTISTS   A morning session of overview and instruction during which students' specific questions and projects are shared and discussed; lunch break; and afternoon hands-on session. Students are encouraged to bring a set of materials, a work-in-progress or a specific collage concept to explore.

6-WEEK COLLAGE CLASS   This is a 6-session curriculum I developed a number of years ago, consisting of two 2-hour lectures (covering history of collage, basic composition, overview of materials and techniques); two 2-hour demos (covering "dry" techniques or what I call "precision collage" and "wet" techniques or "expressionistic collage"), and two 3-hour hands-on sessions (one for "precision" and one for "expressionistic").

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