WHERE THE SKY USED TO BE; book cover art by StudioZ
2011, Amador Publishers
396 pp. -- $19.95
with illustrations by
Linda Mae Tratechaud

a novel by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Sixteen year old Claire is an artist. Or at least, she wants to be. But doing art and being an artist are still very different things for Claire. Between her suddenly distant best friend Lydia, her own budding sexuality and the boys who want to help her discover it, and taking care of the ninety-one-year-old "Muffin" at Westcare Manor retirement home, Claire has her hands full for the long, hot summer that Rio Bueno, New Mexico promises. But will Claire's own risky decisions sabotage her chances, or help them? Can Claire find herself as an artist while falling in love for the first time? And how can helping Muffin help Claire bring all the pieces of her life together and give her the courage to dream about the future? WHERE THE SKY USED TO BE is a story of art, love, compassion, and following your own path.

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