thoughts about consciousness

written and illustrated by Zelda Leah Gatuskin
Studio Edition

From TIME AND TEMPERATURE:   "My question is: Am I so abnormal and how will I ever know? And now I am back to the very first question of all: What goes on in other people's minds? How do others see the world compared to how I do? Somehow I have always thought that knowing the answer to this, even in relation to just a single other person out of all the people ever, would be close to knowing everything. But however close you are to people, you never know, you are never inside their minds seeing what they see."

The sad truth is, we have a tough enough time understanding what goes on in our own minds. Here's my experiment in thinking about thinking, and finding ways to share those thoughts. The collection incorporates poetry, prose and art from a journaling project which spanned several years. --Zelda

Table of Contents with Links to On-line Excerpts & Art


2003, Studio Z / Amador Publishers, ISBN: 0-938513-37-0
92 pp. full color Studio Z Edition numbered and signed, $30.00

Book design and typography by Zelda Leah Gatuskin.
Each book individually printed at Studio Z, numbered and signed by the artist.
First Printing, 2003, Nos. 1-26 sold out
Second Printing, 2004, Nos. 27-57 available
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2009 Trade Paperback Edition from Amador Publishers, LLC
ISBN No. 978-0-938513-40-7, 192 pp., $16.95

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