2010 WINNER!
New Mexico Book Awards

BUT WHO'S COUNTING?; book cover art by Sadie Gordon

2010, Worldwind Books, 90 pp. -- $14.95

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collected poems by Zelda Leah Gatuskin
with artwork by Sadie Gordon

here is a poem from the collection...

Local Miracle

Nan was walking the local sidewalks
Instead of the more scenic ditch trail
Because it had rained
And that was not the miracle
Rain is rare here but not unheard of

She saw something pale and round in the gutter
And stooped to see and picked it up
Because it was a baby turtle
And that was not the miracle
Nan is a Buddhist and attends to small things

She held the baby turtle in her palm
Thinking sad thoughts until a tickling
Told her little feet were moving
As baby turtle life expressed itself
And that was not the miracle either

The miracle is that there happens to be a fellow
Nearby who keeps turtles and tortoises
A self appointed rescuer of reptiles
And Nan took her treasure to him
And they named it Dharma

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