ANCESTRAL NOTES; book cover by Brian O'Connor

1994, Amador Publishers; 176 pp. --$12.00

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A Family Dream Journal
written and illustrated by
Zelda Leah Gatuskin

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A collection of dream journal entries, poems, essays, short stories, and a drama; based on the author's investigations into, and her feelings about her family history and cultural identity. She explores the themes of Jewish spirituality, shtetl life in Europe, immigration to the USA, men's and women's traditional roles. Repeated references to spirits convey the sense that this inquiry is not only guided but demanded by ancestral souls. The book is illustrated with nine original collages by the author.

A chronicle of personal awakening...Here is a joyful, insightful, poignant, tough-minded celebration of the individual self as a swirling complexity of genetics, random chance and divine and earth-bound humor.
-- THE JEWISH VOICE, Wilmington, DE

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