Art Instruction with Zelda

In-house art lessons are not being offered at this time.
Please Contact Zelda if you would like to arrange for classes or workshops on your premises.

What I Teach:

  • Collage. Collage, using cut papers and recycled items, is my specialty. I have a formal curriculum of Collage Classes and Workshops oriented toward adults, artists and serious students of collage. I can adapt these lessons for teens as follows: 2-hour instead of 3-hour sessions will focus on hands-on, experiential learning rather than lecture and demonstration. Students will learn by doing; and if they have already been working with collage, I will address their specific questions and interests. Instruction in the principles of visual design will be incorporated into all activities. Essential materials provided (glue, backing, scissors, magazines); students are encouraged to bring some materials of their own choice, a work-in-progress, or a specific collage concept to explore. Suitable for ages 12 and up.
  • Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids. A variety of activities are described on my PaperCrafts page. Based on the number of sessions requested, and the students' interests and ages, I will customize a series of lessons for your group. These activities are suitable for all ages, and mixed-age and multi-generational groups. All materials provided.
  • Drawing and Design. Learning to draw is like learning to play a musical instrument - it takes a lot of practice. Students will be guided through a series of exercises oriented toward honing visual observation skills and understanding the visual environment. They will be provided with a sketchbook and basic drawing tools and expected to complete some home assignments between lessons. We will draw objects and people; indoors and outdoors; from life, from photos and from our imaginations. Lessons can be weekly or monthly. Instruction will be customized to age and skill level.
  • Basics of Art Preservation and Framing. For teens, adults or family groups. Learn about measuring, materials, tools, techniques and costs. Get to know the lingo of framing and the options you will be presented with at the frame shop. Learn how to cut costs by doing some or all of the work yourself. Learn to plan for preservation and display of the art as part of your creative process, to prevent costly surprises or technical difficulties at the end. Sessions customized to your interests and needs. Some practice and demonstration materials available at Studio Z; actual framing supplies for student projects not included.
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