Studio Z, multi-media arts
(New Mexico CRS ID No. 02095947008)
611 Delamar NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107  Phone: 505-344-6102
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Studio Z, multi-media arts was founded by Zelda Gordon in 1988 in a tiny studio in the Plaza Escalante near downtown Albuquerque. This space served as Zelda's office, studio and classroom for ten years, with a brief conversion to gallery/boutique near the end of her stay there. While Studio Z was originally intended as a visual arts studio, and served as such, Zelda had already commenced writing her first book at the time of setting up shop. Soon she was dividing her time equally between her collage projects and her writing projects (oh, and her job at an office located nearby). Upon publication of THE TIME DANCER, A Novel of Gypsy Magic Zelda adopted a family surname from several generations back for her pen name: Zelda Leah Gatuskin.

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Over time Studio Z has evolved to encompass the talents and expertise of Frank G. Johnson, who has been providing voice lessons, music instruction, vocal performance and choral conducting services in Albuquerque since 1983. Developing his skills apace of new technologies, Frank now has the capability to create and edit digital sound recordings; he also works with graphics, Internet, and other computer applications.

both portraits by Claiborne O'Connor

By combining their talents, Frank and Zelda are able to offer creative,
affordable, personalized solutions to a variety of media projects.
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